LAX Los Angeles Airport

The new guidelines at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for limousine companies are as follows:

Drop Off:

Our drivers can drop passengers off on the upper departure level as usual.

Pick Up:

There are 2 ways limousine companies perform the pickup procedure at LAX.

1. Curbside Pickup:

Driver will pick passengers up at outer island curb in front terminal. Inner lane access is prohibited. The curbside pickup area can be easy allocated by overhead sign “Passenger Pickup” and white painted curb.

Please contact your driver via cell or text providing the closest pillar ID (ID located on each pillar). Recently, due to construction activity most short-term parking structures are closed and curbside pickup is only way to pickup passengers during daytime.

2. Meet & Greet Pickup:

Driver will park vehicle in LAX parking structure and walk into the baggage claim areas to greet passengers and provide assistance with theirs luggage.

The only exceptions will be if certain parking decks are closed. If driver will not be able to park, he will send text/ call with the request to switch to curbside pickup procedure.